Search Engine Optimization

What good is a beautiful website, if no one ever sees it?

SEO is The Most Important Part of your online presence.

SEO is an $80B industry devoted to figuring out what Google is thinking.

I will cut through the noise to help you understand the most crucial elements for your customers to find you.

SEO requires many skills and a wide range of knowledge. 

I love learning new things and have a wide range of skills, so I am ready to help.

SEO Has Many Parts

  • Technical:  Behind the scenes code and other technical details can make or break your search rankings.
  • Local:  Ever type in “near me” or “in Raleigh”? That’s Local SEO. Google has a different algorithm for searches with local intent.
  • Mobile: More searches are made on phones than laptops. Make sure your mobile website experience is pleasant and not annoying.
  • Trust & Authority: Your website will rank higher if your content is determined to be worth reading and trustworthy.
  • Competition: You are always competing for top spots in search rankings. What are your competitors doing that you aren’t?

Local SEO is Different

  • Google My Business (GMB):  Often touted as “your new home page”, GMB is the most important aspect of your local online presence.
  • Reviews: Do you check online reviews before choosing a business? So does everyone else. Manage your reviews and get more of them.
  • Local Search Features: Have you heard of the Google Local Pack and Map Pack? You’ve used them yourself, now you need to compete for them.
  • Citations & Listings: If your business is not listed correctly on numerous directories, you could lose trust and miss new customers.
  • Local Content: More than social media, content with local flavor on your website creates trust and traffic.

How I Can Help

  • Auditing: I can review your website to see how it is performing and where we can make improvements.
  • Technical SEO: I’m a nerd, so I can do the techy stuff for you: broken links, 404 errors, meta tags, crawlability.
  • Local SEO: I can set up a Review Management system so you can get more (and better) reviews, help optimize GMB, listings management, and more.
  • Content Assistance: Writing up web page content is a huge pain point for every client. I can help write your copy to optimize for readability and SEO, and to best tell your story.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy: Google Analytics will tell you what’s working, or not. Then what? I can suggest new ways to reach your clients.