I am an artistically inclined engineer having fun creating websites & providing unmatched customer service to my clients

Since I was a kid I have been artsy, outdoorsy and nerdy. More than anything I love to learn new things. A degree in Electrical Engineering led to many fantastic career experiences ranging from design to Project management. 

But for many years, my only opportunity to get creative was to build colorful spreadsheets and “pretty” Powerpoint slides. Designing websites allows me to indulge both my nerdy and my artsy sides!

woman with dog by mountain creek

When I’m not building websites, you can generally find me in the mountains, on the water, with a dog, playing in my garden, doing Tai Chi, and maybe several at the same time. I have another business called Barley Cards, where I sell fun greeting cards using rescue animals as models.

I grew up on a mountain near beautiful Chattanooga, Tennessee, and became a rabid Auburn football fan at the age of 8. Good thing Auburn has an engineering school! I moved to Raleigh to work for IBM and spent many years in the Point of Sale division. Top work experiences include spending the night in a Walmart and several trips to Singapore.

I was born a water rat, my folks could not get me out of the little bitty creek in the back yard. I have since graduated to (easy) river kayaking and a home on a waterway that floods often enough to keep life interesting.

My husband and I are fortunate to own a special piece of land in the Virginia Blue Ridge mountains, where we escape the NC Piedmont heat, work hard on projects, and relax by the creek or on our porch with a view of cows and rolling hills.