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Website Design Services

My most important job is to figure out what you need for your website. I invest the time up front, working with you and your team to learn how to best serve you and also your web visitors. The result is a beautiful, functional website that delivers.

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Search Results

The most important function of your website is to be discovered. You have to think like Google (or know someone that does) in order to show up in search results. If you are a small, local business, you must also optimize your Google My Business profile for your best online presence.

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Website Care Plans

Websites can require more care and feeding than your average gold fish. Frequent updates and keeping up with security threats mean that someone needs to be watching the store. I can do that for you with a website care plan tailored for you.

Deanne did a great job of completing the work and kept me up to date with the progress. She did a good job with SEO for better visibility and adding e-commerce capabilities to my site. She was easy to communicate with and responsive to questions. In the few instances I had questions which she did not know the answer to, she researched and got back to me with answers. I look forward to working more with her in the future.