How to Write Great FAQs

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There are several reasons you might want to have an FAQ page on your website. Maybe you get alot of the same questions repeatedly from your customers, or your customer support team is swamped.

A good FAQ page can also enhance your online visibility – Search Engine Optimization (SEO.) Here’s why…

    • Search queries are increasingly made with voice commands to phones, so more and more Google searches are in question format.
    • If you are a local business, you can add your FAQ’s to your Google My Business profile and enhance your local search presence.
    • You put yourself into position to “win” an Answer Box search feature, as shown below. If Google decides to show an Answer Box in response to a search query, it will appear above all other features except for ads.
example search engine results page answer box

Tips for writing great FAQs

Use a question format for the Question part:

Good –  How do I get a refund?
Bad – Refund policy

Start with a question word: How, Can, Why, What, When, Where, etc.

Use “I” rather than “you” in your question:

Good – How do I get a refund?
Bad – Here is how you get a refund.

Keep your answers short, but answer the question completely.

It may be tempting to simply include a link to a page where you have already answered the question. It’s OK to include a link within your answer, but include more than that. At the same time, don’t ramble on for more than a paragraph or two.

For a Yes or No question, start with either Yes or No:

Good –  Yes, we give refunds and our process is…..
Bad – Our refund policy can be found at this link

Use conversational language, not technical jargon

Good – Write in a conversational language, as if you are speaking to an actual customer.
Bad – Write your informational answer text to a level 8 using the New Dale-Chall Formula.

Actually answer the question. Don’t try to sugar coat it, deflect, or mislead.

It’s OK to show some personality!

Yes, we give refunds but we think you will love our products so much you won’t want one!